BFC Ink Dolls

(In Order) Calista,Addison,Noelle,Kaitlin and Aliesha

BFC Ink dolls.

5 bestfriends Noelle,Kaitlin,Aliesha,Addison and Calista.
The BFC dolls come in two sizes. 18 inch dolls and normal sizes dolls. There are 5 main characters,but there is more dolls  (if you look one the picture to the left) aswell.

More about them !

Addison. Check out all the 18 inch Addison dolls:

And the normal sized doll:About Addison:  Addison is the club's event organizer because she's great at finding fun things to do. Very athletic,Addison is good at almost any sport she tries and her favorite sport is skateboarding. Addison isn't into dressing up cuz that's just not her.

Kaitlin.Check out the 18 inch kaitlin dolls:And the normal sized doll:More about Kaitlin : Kaitlin is the club designer and thr newest member of  the BFC . She is super creative and artistic and she cares a lot about the earth. Though, not always the best at keeping secrets,Kaitlin loves taking on new art and design projects, and getting her friends involved with activities that help the community and the environment.

Calista.Check out all the 18 inch Calista dolls: and the normal doll:More about her: Calista is the club treasurer because she's real math wiz and super-smart. Calista is a really loyal friend and she's always full of ideas and good advice for her BFFs , even if they don't ask for it. Calista hates admitting that she's having a hard time because she wants people to think that she can handle anything , but she knows that being honest,especially to your friends, is the most important thing of all.

Noelle. Check out the 18 inch Noelle dolls: And the normal sized doll:<-- Twinpack ! Aliesha and Noelle together :) About Noelle :Aliesha's twin Noelle is club secretary because she's very organised. Sweet and caring Noelle,is also painfully shy. She cares most about her twin sister , her friends, and animals in need. She tries to keep peace between her friends because she hates to see them fight.Once she gets past her shyness , Noelle is really friendly and easy to like .

Aliesha.Check out the 18 inch Aliesha dolls:Regular dolls:The twin pack <-- :) About her: Noelle's twin Aliesha is the club chair person and a  natural leader. She's really into acting and rock music and she loves bein the centre of attention. Aliesha is confident but sometimes she has to be reminded that it' not all about her. She is a great friend though  and always lots of fun :)

More BFC ink dolls:


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